Pangs of a Mother

Excruciating pain
My legs were numb, and so was my backside
The pain spiralled from my lower abdomen…
My back hurt bad….
My head was spinning!


The nurse wasn’t helping…

“Madam, shut up and push very hard!!”

Of course I knew that
But this pain….
It wasn’t shut up kind of pain!

“Dyou want to kill your child?!”

“Do you?!”

Where was Daryl when I needed him most?
Oh yeah, halfway across the country….
Meena was with me though….
She held my hand,
wiped my face…..
Tried rubbing my back
And was mumbling some nice words to me…

Nonetheless, I was alone….
Alone with a terrible pain that no one else felt….
How on earth did people do this more than once?!
There was some more of this hard pain, and then the cry…..

I couldn’t believe the sudden relief when I heard the sharp cry of a child….

My child…

“Madam, you have a beautiful son…

My son!

Emotions from nowhere replaced all the pain….


I was exhausted!

Then they showed me his face…

Sudden Joy….
And Calm
And… I don’t even know what to call it…

All the pain felt so distant…
So far far away…

I knew in that instant, that I was not alone
I felt whole… Complete!

I can do this again…
I will do this again!

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