Heart to Heart…

Dear heart….
You know we’re in this together…
Before, we were the best of friends…
Lately, it’s as if we’re out of touch….

I know I’ve put you through a lot…
And I’m sorry…
Thanks for never breaking or tearing apart, even when I did…
A few times, I know you almost did…
I know you’ve been to the limit before…
And that you’re truly tired
If you weren’t strong for me then, I don’t know what I’d have done….
Or where I’d be…
I’m grateful….

You see, even though we’ve been there and back,
Love is truly a beautiful thing, and you know that more than I do…….
Sometimes it’s hard, and hurts really bad…. But when it’s right, you know what its like….

So please don’t shut down on me…
Don’t let go now…..
Be strong for me…..
Let’s not give up……

Looking back on things, I realise we have to be more stealthy now…
See, we’ve learnt things we’d never have learnt, save for what we battled….
We’ve seen what the real world is like…..
We know now that even though the rest of cinderella’s story will probably never be heard, there is no ‘happily-ever-after’

We know also that save for the love that’s held us together till now,
All other love is mostly overrated!

We know that the love that died so we’d live,
That’s the only love that never dies

Frankly, even if we knew then what we know now, things may not have been much different.
Cos’ I know we’re stubborn like that, and sometimes, there’s just one way to learn ….


So let’s stand still now….
I’m glad we can be happy today….
I know you’re grateful for Christ’s love…
Trust me, without that, we wouldn’t be this far……

So don’t tune out on me….
You’re all I’ve got….
This world is twisted, but we make an even more twisted duo….
While we’re here, let’s make it count….

Love is a beautiful thing…..
Life is a wonderful experience!
We’ve made it this far….
We’ll make it farther…

“…Pour out your heart before God;
He is a refuge for us…”
Psalm 62:8

6 Replies to “Heart to Heart…”

  1. dear heart,
    this is our deal, it’s a cool one:
    to deny ourselves the ability to feel hurts and sorrow, so we can work in God’s purpose of loving unconditionally and abide outside the domain of stress and disappointments… we can be healthier and only get better! 🙂

    Come on heart, allons-y! 😀


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