About The Writer

My name is Elise Tirza

Doctor, Writer, Happy Person.

I started writing in High School, as a coping mechanism… to the stress. (I wish I could tell my younger self that that is definitely not what real stress was – I had no idea! Lol!)
With time, I realised it worked not only as a coping mechanism but also as a mood booster, and an awesome distraction.
I started writing on lettersfromthisheart  sometime in 2012, when I’d just started med school. (Yeah… that’s where the real stress started😂🤣)
Over the years, it’s been pretty great!
If you’re new here, that’s the story….
If you’ve been here, thank you for the support and love, all the feedback! (This also includes all the threats when I’m late in putting up a story 😂🤣)
As many of you already know, I wrote a book! (Does that mean I get to add author to my CV? Lol)

The book is called Perspectives, and it is a novel that details the different viewpoints of different people, especially people within the church. And especially regarding the issues we don’t talk about…. the mental health of the leaders, the scandalous things going on in some marriages, relationships and families, careers, etc.
It’s a detailed relatable story!  And you can buy a copy of it here:



Hopefully it’ll be the first of many to come!
While you’re here, please read, leave a comment, some feedback – I’d love to know what you think! Share something from here with someone who might like it!
Enjoy the scandals, the love, allllll the feels and let me know what you think!