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Google map requires API Key in order to work.
Google map requires API Key in order to work.

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  1. Eliseeee!!! Please tell me this isn’t the end???!!! My heart is doing boom boom as if I’m Parker 🤣🤣 But me I don’t know what I’ll do if I were in her shoes oo 😩😩 Looking forward to Part 3 😉

  2. Isn’t there like some law that annuls the marriage after a long period of absence without any form of communication? This story dierrrrr…. why does he even feel the need to return????
    But I bet it would end up with a moral on Christian forgiveness😉😉. Prove me wrong😋😋😎😎

  3. There shouldn’t have been the need for an explanation. He should have been gone and forgotten. She should have moved on by now. We need not encourage such things. Lol. U can’t eat your cake and have it

  4. …So that’s why he did that. Sad… it’s unfortunate but I’d expect him to remain *rejected*

  5. This issue.. I mean it’s hard to just forgive. It’ll take a while if she’s a forgiving person… but she should consider her self and daughter. What’s the best for the both of them. Plus it’s a solid fact that he’s an idiot. But a loving idiot he is

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