I’m in love…
Five years down the line, and I’m still in love!
I found a good thing when I found you…
Funny… very funny
Godly, Truly prayerful
Absolutely rare!
It’s interesting how we met, even more interesting how we fell in love!
Yet I can’t thank God enough for giving me you.
The past 5 years together have been better than I ever imagined my life would be.
We’ve had challenges that could easily break up any home, but you’ve been our backbone.
It’s your birthday today, and I want to let you know that you mean much more than the world to me.
You helped me up any time life tried to push me down.
You prayed me out of a thousand and one situations.
You held me each time I needed to cry.
You listen whenever I want to talk.
You pamper me over and over again, even when I know I’m just being a big nuisance!
You’ve been my biggest fan, cheering me on and on, never doubting me.
Your strong faith in me is what’s made me achieve so much.
Love has been good to me….
God gave me the first undeserved gift in Christ, and the second in you!
When we almost lost our baby girl, I was scared to death! I know you were too, but I remember the look in your eyes every time you looked at me.
It was a reassuring look that said “I’m right here sweetie, and we’re in this together.”
I still don’t know how to explain that feeling I get when you tell me you love me. I wish I could, for it’s quite an amazing feeling! On Your birthday this year, I want you to remember that I love you. I appreciate you completely.
I love the sheepish look you have when I wake you up….
I love your cute snores when you put your head under the pillow. I love it when you cook, (even if you put every vegetable on earth in one stew!) I love it when you tickle me, or hug me from behind. I love it when I get to pamper you, and I love it how you play with Naana.
I can’t say I love your almost endless workload,
But I love that you try really hard to never make us feel left out…
I wish you long life, with strength, so we can make and love Naanas five other siblings…. (we’ve already discussed this. :P)
I know that I can be a handful, and I usually am, but the fact you love me so much nonetheless makes me feel really special.
Happy Birthday my love,
I love you, and I always will!

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  1. You are an amazing writter dear…I pray God blesses you more and increase your intellect….you rock!!!

  2. This is very interesting…carries a lot of profound elements..lol ..nice piece Elise..

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