I didn’t notice you the first day I saw you. Neither the second nor third. In fact, I’d seen you a couple of times. But that day was different.

On that day, I really saw you.

On that day, I fell in love.

You had on a simple white dress, with streaks of brown. Your smile was heavenly. Your eyes sparkled with laughter, and your left cheek dented with a small dimple.

My heart didn’t skip a beat or slow, or stop. It pounded so hard in my ribs, I thought I’d explode.

On that day, I knew.

It’s funny how you went about your duties so happy. Life had dealt you many a blow, yet you always had a smile. A smile that always worked its magic around my heart…

I remember the very first time I spoke to you… It was to ask where the church cleaning equipment were. You were amazed that I knew your name. Believe it or not, it’d taken me two long months to muster the courage enough to ask for those brooms!

When I asked you out, you asked me why….
I had no idea why… I just knew.
You didn’t think I’d accept you, probably because of your son. But I knew, right from the very first day.
I knew. I was in love. Son or no son.

When we started dating, I knew I’d found myself a jewel. A rare gem.
Each time you held my hand, I was captivated. Each time you looked in my eyes, mesmerized. And each time you hugged me, I was elated. With each kiss came joy that knew no bounds!  Mensima, you are my love!

After our very first kiss, I knew that someway, somehow, I had to make you mine. I had to do right by you. I saw the fires of passion in your eyes that night, and I knew they only mirrored a fraction of that in mine.

When I told you I loved you, I meant every single syllable.
The first time you said ‘I love you too’ I thought I’d seen a glimpse of heaven!

It’s been two years since our first kiss. Two years of a lot of bliss. Two years that showed me that you’re not only a jewel, you’re an angel.
We’ve had our bad days, but through it all, we grew more in love!

There’s not a night that I went to bed without you on my mind, there’s not a day I wake up, without thoughts of you…

So today, I want to ask you… Marry me……
Make me the happiest man on earth….
Make me a proud man….

Marry me, let’s make more  sons, and little princesses.

Marry me, and let’s share all of life’s sorrows and joys together.

Most of all, Mensima, marry me, and give me you. For I’m almost certain, that with you by my side, no task will be formidable…

I love you today, and I’ll love you always. We may not always see sunshine, but the rainbows will surely come. Each storm will end, and at the end of it all, having you with me, will be my own silver lining.

Love, Ekow.


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  1. You are really talented. I love your style.bobby told me me you are still schooling so u deserve congratulations.really deep mind for someone still schooling

  2. Hey.. (sniff, sniff). you would probably need a restraining order or somfin to stop me from reading. Classic love story. i love it.
    Kudos.. Keep the fire burning.

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