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You can find the first two parts here : Akaa & Alima and Akaa & Alima II

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The morning after had never been an issue for Akaa. It was always a solid goodbye, and an “I guess I’ll see you another time.” When he woke up this time, it was sometime after 4am. She was curled up in a funny way, with hand still across him. Her lips were parted slightly, and the covers had fallen off her chest, barely covering her, hips down. His natural instinct was to pull the covers over her. But he wanted to look at her. He could not believe that he had to leave in barely 6 hours. She was breathing heavily, and the rise and fall of her right breast was stirring up his member. She was beautiful!

She stirred a bit. He pulled her towards him, placing her head on his chest, and covering them both up. She lifted her head up… sleepy, searching eyes… He looked her in the eye and put her head back on his chest. She fell asleep almost immediately. He fell asleep about an hour later.

She woke up two hours later and ravished him all over again. Akaa left the resort a very happy man.

His next visit was about a month later. She had been on his mind all month though. He had to make a conscious effort to not contact her in any way. There were secure emails for messaging the girls if they wanted to. Although it was mostly used to sext,

He also had to constantly bring himself to stop thinking about his birthday weekend.

The surprise birthday party Dionne and the kids planned for when he got back could not top it in any way. Once, she caught him smiling to himself, while he lay in the couch, thinking about ‘Lina’.

 “I have the most amazing woman in my life… and she made sure I had the most incredible birthday I’ve had in years! What’s there to not be happy about?” She kissed the top of his head. She had no idea!

It was a Friday morning when he got to the resort. He had so much on his mind that day. He had one company that was somehow fast becoming a liability. And he was considering selling it off. He had a buyer… in fact, he would have many buyers if he wanted. But the main problem was with the staff. If he sold it, he was probably laying off about one hundred and twelve people. A hundred and twelve people that would suddenly have to figure out a way to feed their families.

She was such a good listener. She sat with him and watched him whine about the issue.

You could add a clause to the conditions of buying the company. Nobody is to be laid off till they’ve worked there a few months at least, and their competency evaluated. If they don’t make the cut, they can be laid off. A year is good enough time for many of them to find new options?”

He was awestruck. She is intelligent too!

Why hadn’t he thought of that? Maybe instead of a few months, he’d insist on a year. It would definitely limit the number of possible buyers, and it was unlikely that they would agree on a whole year, but it was a good starting point for negotiation. She handed him a glass of chardonnay and continued talking.

I’m not a business person, but I understand that these risks do come up. You just need to let the staff know ahead of time what’s going to happen, so they don’t feel cornered when the time comes. Some might already have options, and will happily move on. Some of them will have to start looking. Whoever buys it, will have to figure things out however they want to, but the staff should at least have some time.”

He marvelled at the tall dark beauty in front of him. Her thick, dark lips were still moving, but he was really just staring at them, not listening to anything.

Akaa… you’re not listening to me. You don’t think it makes sense?

He grabbed her and kissed her. His tummy was fluttering, and all that was very new for him. Even Dionne hadn’t made his tummy flutter in before!

This weekend together, they talked a lot. He talked about his family, showed her photos, and discussed some of his companies, a couple of his friends.

She only talked about her life at the agency. It was almost as if that was the only life she had. The other guys she’d been with, how she enjoyed the company of the other girls and guys, but there were times when she wished she had other people to talk to – people to discuss all the books she read with, and her plans for the future.

She talked about learning to code. It was something she’d started working on, and was thinking of getting an online degree in. She enjoyed reading technical books. Books about different things in life. She told him about that time when she was new there, and read a whole book on anatomy and physiology just because she enjoyed it.

They had so much to laugh about. She avoided many questions about family. It wasn’t allowed. Besides, she’d tried her best to repress the memory of her family. She wasn’t going back there anytime soon.

Do you ever intend to be married in the future?


He was surprised at how sure she was of the fact that she didn’t want to be married.

There are millions of girls out there – especially Ghanaian girls, whose sole ambition in this life is to land a rich young man and be married. I’m not one of them.

She looked genuinely unbothered.

My dreams are almost limited. Because of how little of life I’ve seen. I was 15 when I got here. My uncle had to lie about my age for me to get accepted. Right now, I’m really just twenty. Although my body and my documents say otherwise.  I’ve only seen two places in life. When I’m done here, I want to see the world – all of it. I don’t know if the conventions of marriage will allow me that. I don’t intend to be saddled with a man, who will find me strange, or weird, and will eventually end up in an agency like this one, screwing girls who are better at sex than I am. Or worse still, embarrass me by chasing other girls right under my nose!

I want to go to university – even if I’ve already got my degree online, I’ll want another one. I want to be able to sit in some office for a bit, and be paid for my mind and not my body. One day, I will actually make Hamamat proud!”

There was a fierceness in her last statement. He knew Hamamat had to be her mother.

She realised immediately she’d said too much, and gotten emotional. It’s just nobody had really asked her about her future before. She’d thought it over and over, but she’d never actually voiced them out. But she knew she had to make her mother proud. One day when she had her money and her way.

I enjoy the time I spend with you because you’re not just ‘body’. You think, you help me reason. And I like that. You’re beautiful, Lina, but you’re also very bright. Your dreams are valid. You will see the world one day.”

Naana came into the agency as an adult. She was one of the few who did. She had always lived with an aunt and her older brother. Their father was abroad, but she didn’t really know him. Once in a year or so, when they were a lot younger, they would go to a communication centre to call him, and ask how he was doing. He always asked what they wanted when he was coming. She always said a Barbie doll and a white sparkly dress. She never got them. He never showed up.

When she was about nine, a group of her brother’s friends started coming to the house. He was about fourteen years old then. She was somewhat friendly with them. Mostly because she was considered a reserved child, and had very few friends of her own. When she hit puberty somewhere around age twelve, the guys all started making advances. It was a joke in the beginning. Who would she serve water first whenever they came to visit? Who would help her with her homework… who would explain the silly movies they were watching to her. She enjoyed the attention, and would wear really small clothes because she noticed the girls they usually ogled wore clothes like that. And then she noticed that they paid her more attention on those days.

Although they all jokingly wanted to woo her, there was one of them in particular who gave her the most attention. She liked him a lot. Sesime. He was not the most attractive of the bunch, but he was the one who paid her the most attention. He would never leave their home without giving her a compliment or two. She enjoyed his lingering gazes a lot more than she did the others’ because he always had something lovely to say along with the gazes. He talked to her about some of the high school kids and the crazy things they did. He asked her what she thought about things. He offered to help her with homework all the time. She liked him a lot.

He kissed her first on her thirteenth birthday. He had written her a long note, and had come in early in the morning, before her brother was up to give it to her. It was still a bit dark, and she was supposed to be doing chores. He handed her the note, and sang a whispered “Happy Birthday” song for her, and then gave her a quick soft kiss on the lips.

That’s how their ‘relationship’ started. She was thirteen, and he was eighteen. It was a weird relationship. There were times when he didn’t want to be seen with her, and other times when he literally worshipped the floor she walked on. It was confusing, but she enjoyed the attention. So she stomached it all.

She was about sixteen when it happened. The incident that changed her life. Two incidents actually. The first one occurred late one Friday evening. Her aunt had travelled out of town to a funeral, and her brother had decided to host a small party for his friends at their house. They were also inviting many girls. He had only recently started taking in alcohol, and enjoyed the high it gave him.

That night, four of his friends took turns having their way with Naana. What hurt the most, was that Sesime was one of them – he was the first! Her brother was stuporous by then.  She begged, and cried and screamed, and they seemed oblivious to her plight. Or rather, they enjoyed it! Because they were laughing the whole time. The music was too loud, nobody outside could hear her. They were way stronger, and seemed to have had it all planned out.

She had heard that they did these things. Especially to the girls in the town who played hard to get. But she didn’t expect she’d ever experience it. She definitely didn’t expect it to involve Sesime too. Besides, he’d never even asked for sex. Maybe if he had, she’d have given it to him. She’d never played hard to get. She had genuinely liked him.

She tried to pretend it hadn’t happened. Because who would believe her? Her brother was there. Why didn’t he save her? There were other girls. Why was she the only one? She was in a skimpy dress… why wouldn’t they rape her? She was just sixteen. What was she even doing at such a party?

So she kept quiet. She didn’t even tell her brother.

The second incident occurred about six months later, when a speeding Ford hit the motorcycle her brother was on, while on his way to run an errand. He landed off the road, and everyone assumed he was dead. When a taxi driver finally rushed him to the hospital, they were told he needed emergency surgery, after which he could be paralyzed for life. He didn’t even make it to the surgery. He lost too much blood, they said.

The first time she saw Sesime after the incident was after her brother’s death, at the funeral. It was about a year after the initial incident. He was apparently in University… That was a big deal. All the girls were all over him. She avoided him like a plague.

He cornered her towards the end. Said he had something to say to her. She didn’t know how scared she was until he asked why she was shaking. He had the nerve to ask why she was shaking! Before he could say whatever it is he wanted to, she had fled into the kitchen. Good thing she didn’t have a knife, because she would have killed him. The rage and fear combination she felt, definitely played with her thoughts.

She never saw him again. Her aunt asked her to prepare to be sent to her father. She knew that was never going to happen. The day she was supposed to get her documents sent to obtain a passport, a middle-aged man met her, and asked if she wanted to become a high class lady with a degree. He explained to her that she would be paid, and within about 4 years of working and schooling together, she would be free to go home with all the money she’d earned. She liked the idea. She told her aunt she was going to school, packed her bags and left. She was happy to have whatever reason there was to leave that house.

The man sent her to live with a lady for a while, till she was actually eighteen.

That was how she ended up at the agency.

“Dr. Anto, The patient has refused to give consent. Says he’s royalty…can’t go into eternity without a limb… The resident tried to reason with him, but…”

It didn’t look like the scheduled amputation was going to happen. This wasn’t he first patient who said this.  He wasn’t going to be the last.

Between his private hospital and work at the General Teaching Hospital, Derrick was usually swamped! His wife lived in Tema, (about an hour away when traffic was sensible) with the kids, while he usually stayed in the hospital quarters because there, he had his peace of mind.

There was no “Enti Kofi, entumi nfa wo socks nto washer no mu?”, or the usual “Ay3 wo ho workaholic. Your children barely know you, nanso daabi…. Dabiaaa it’s case wei, anaa case wei…” This living arrangement had been working for the past 5 years. Their oldest was ten, and the youngest seven. He tried to go home fortnightly, and sometimes he’d get the kids over to do something. Once in a while he’d have them sleep over at his place.

He started using the agency only a year ago – and already he couldn’t get enough of it! One of his long-term patients witnessed a phone call between him and Celine, and said he would “help him.” He only needed discretion in return. The first weekend he got there was one he could never get out of his head. He had gotten his emails, and had had all the paperwork done. They’d ask for his preferences in a woman, and he’d been very detailed – thin, but with full breasts and buttocks. Very light skinned, white, if they had that, and very short. The woman they brought him, was the exact kind he’d envisioned. She was also a very skilled lady. Because somehow, she left him shaking!

He was tired of Celine who was always ordering him about when she could, with her ever persistent nagging. So in his mind, to get back at her, he wanted someone who was the exact opposite of her. Celine was tall and big. Had always been. But two children later, she was even bigger. Before the kids, she’d at least had a good waistline, and he was okay with that. I mean, which African man didn’t want something thick to hold on to? But they got married, and after child number one, she let herself go. He was also too busy at work to notice much. And then child number two came, and it got worse. That, coupled with her constant nagging, caused him to gradually move out of their home.

She was a caterer for multiple Hotels in Accra… she got busy from time to time.  But generally, she had quite a lot of time on her hands. Most of the work was done by her cooks. She wanted him home.  He genuinely enjoyed his job. Some called them the carpenters of the profession. The bone breakers. And fixers. He didn’t care. He enjoyed it. He made good money. But it made family life difficult. Celine made it even harder. He couldn’t fault her though. Anyone would want the person they married home a few times a week at least. Her approach was what he had an issue with. She was too naggy! The demands of the job sometimes pushed him to stay weeks in the hospital. In the beginning, once in a while, he’d have some nurse take care of some of his needs. They were mostly all over him anyway. He was a 6ft male, with great abs and a good build – one of the few perks of the job. Who wouldn’t want to hit that?

But he didn’t want to start rumours. One thing he prided himself in was his reputation. He didn’t follow anything in skirts the way a number of his colleagues did. He was known for more honourable things. “As for Dr. Anto, even if you call him at 3 in the morning for any emergency, he’ll show up! And he’s excellent!”

So the agency was really a good thing for him. On the few occasions when he had the time, he’d go spend a weekend. When he didn’t, he’d go in for just a night. It worked for him. Celine assumed he was too immersed with his job. She hadn’t even tried to look good for him in so long. He no longer expected her to. It was always one quarrel or another whenever he did go home.

The hospital was his home. But gradually, the agency was becoming his happy place.

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  1. The third installment of Akaa &Alima is here and not only do we know how beautiful Alima is,we also find out she is an intelligent with genius level IQ.She decide to read a book on anatomy and physiology,just because she is bored.Beauty with brains is definitely the new sexy.😉😉
    Akaa is going against the cardinal of all rules when having a mistress,”Never fall in love”.But how can he not when he is bombarded with the body and beauty of Aphrodite and the brain and intellect of Athena.
    Once again we Elise shines a light on another forbidden topic,rape.We catch a glimpse of the victim’s mindset,” Why is this happening to me?”,”Noone is going to believe me”.And then the blame happens.”You wore a skimpy dress,what did you expect?” “What were you doing at the party anyway? Shouldn’t you have been in bed?”
    The common theme running through the story so far is that the Agency is basically a halfway home for men who are disillusioned in their marriages.Look at Akaa,and now Dr Anto. I’m waiting for the next married man who will be thrown into the mix.
    PS:Sesime and Dr Anto,please Madam Tims wants to shoot you both and then get you arrested for being such 🤬🤬🤬.But I dont blame you,it is a testament to how well you have been written by your creator.

    1. Whoooosh!!! Wyllys!!
      Alima is really showing us isn’t she? And Akaa is out there fooling too Haha!
      Rape… that ‘unmentionable’ topic. Let’s hope this helps in normalising the conversation,
      and makes it easy for the victims to talk about it whenever they’re ready.
      PS. Why is Madam Tims shooting Anto and Sesime and leaving Akaa out? Anaa he’s not part?
      Thanks a lot, Wyllys!!

  2. You have a way of bringing the characters to life that I am loving. I find myself wondering if they’re true stories. And that is all down to the good writing.
    PS: next episode as early as possible 👀

    1. Thanks Ali!! There are times when I sit to write, and it actually does feel like these stories are real.
      I start relating with the characters and it’s almost as if they’re real.
      I’m glad you like it! Let’s hope that next part comes asap! LOL!

  3. I’d rate it a 5 star. This is great. Don’t remember the last time a story made this impression on me, to read 3 articles straight with no breaks… 😊🙌 Man, that’s something.
    Thank you.

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