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Steamy Post Alert!

Never say never in fashion. Because you will will be wearing ‘never’ in two years’ time!

– Alexa Chung

I woke Monday morning, to a text from the stylist. 

This is the final look we are going for. We have the fitting tomorrow. I might have hair and make-up run a trial also. 

The dress was beautiful. So beautiful! I was already in love with Abs Kyei, and this was just because of a dress for a date! What would she make if I needed some Kente dress?! What would she do with a wedding gown?

Why was I even putting this much effort into a date? 

When I tried it on, I felt as if I was going to be on some runway! The fabric was very lush, and it felt good on my skin! She had to make a few changes, but in the end, it was a beautiful work of art! She styled me with some jewelry from the sketch that fit perfectly, and I knew that with make up on, even I probably wouldn’t exactly recognize myself properly. 

Maybe I should take a cue from this and start dressing up all the time like Sheena does. 

I sent a text to Mawuli.

Look. If I wear this dress and we end up at some weird place, where I’m overdressed, I will curse you! 

Because according to my stylist, I look like an ‘absolute goddess’ 😂

He replied after quite a while… apparently, he was in meetings.

Wanna send photos?

Too late, I didn’t take any. And I’m undressed now. 

Undressed? 🤤I don’t mind photos of undressed either. Lol!

I didn’t mean undressed, you pervert! 😂🤣 I meant that I’m no longer wearing that dress. You’ll see it in a few days, just make sure the venue matches this bomb outfit! 

Would it be too late to ask you to pack a bag? I mean… I was thinking we could just go away for the weekend. 

I felt actual butterflies in my tummy. Was he suggesting what I thought he was suggesting? Or was I the one with a naughty mind?

And then, as if he could read my mind, he added:

We will not share a room if you’re not comfortable with that. Just in case that would be your reason to say no. 

I looked at his message and smiled to myself. Maybe it was time to get a wax!

The rest of the week went by mostly uneventfully, with the exception of Madam stylist sending me random articles about different fashion trends. 

There was one about beads and anklets that caught my eye. Maybe because I was unable to answer Mawuli when he asked. 

Apparently, most Ghanaian cultures used waistbeads first of all, to ‘ensure’ that a girl had the classic hourglass figure. And then, it was also worn to show that a girl had attained puberty. Some tribes would line up girls who had just achieved menarche, adorned with nothing but beads! For many also, it was a sensual allure – finally made sense why my aunt assumed it was going to help me keep a man! 

In present day though, most women just wore it for the beauty of it, or to please their men. 

It genuinely warmed my heart that Mawuli found them cute… because that was another reason why they were not coming off anytime soon. 

Friday was just a rush of activity. The stylist had so many things she expected from me, I had to call her and ask her to chill. This was a date. Not a wedding, nothing extra. I appreciated her effort, but I was not built for stress! Once the hair and make-up was all done, she left, and told me she enjoyed working with me. It was probably a thing she said to everyone she worked with, but I was indeed grateful for all her work. I could barely recognize myself. 

Mama had asked me several times where I was going. “To a work gala with Mawuli” was my response. Because there was no way I could explain to her that I had gone through all those pains and gotten this dressed up just because of a date.

Mawuli showed up on time, looking really really good! He had on a black fitting tuxedo, had a fresh haircut, and his beard was newly trimmed. He was leaning on the side of his car looking at me. Just looking. Not saying anything.

In the past, that was something that would have made me uncomfortable. But he had a look on his face – I don’t even know how to describe the look, and what it did to my insides! The look, the half-smile, half-laugh, and the obvious state of excitement he was in had me beaming and doing two 360’s for him – literally twirling like a little girl! 

He reached out and pulled me towards him. 

“Esaaba you really are beautiful!” 

For some reason, that made me so shy! 

He drove us out of Accra, to Peduase where we had dinner at the Resort. Walking through the dining area, I noticed that other than us there were only two other couples in the restaurant, and one family, with three young children. They all stared at us, probably wondering if we were showing up after our wedding!

We were ushered to a private dining suite, where our evening was going to be. I had to stifle the urge to ask him how much all this cost – because it looked like a lot! 

“There was one time a few years ago, when my ex drove to mine one evening, just to ask me what she wore on our first date. Honestly, I couldn’t even remember where our first date was exactly – because we’d been to so many places together. First as friends and then when we actually started dating. So I didn’t know what the point of the question was.”

I giggled, trying to look back and see if I remembered any of my first dates. 

“Needless to say, that one question I could not answer led to a long tirade of “You don’t think about me, Mawuli!” And the eventual break up.

He spoke so animatedly, I almost choked on my food trying to stifle my laughter. 

“If it helps, I don’t remember any of the things I wore for my first dates either.”

“I won’t forget this though. I can’t forget this.” He looked me straight in the eyes as he said this.

“It makes me happy that you actually went all out because I asked you to.”

“How many people do you know who would pass up a dress from this designer? She’s called Abs Kyei – and she is absolutely fabulous!”

He smiled and reached for his drink. 

“When I said that waist beads were cute, I should probably have clarified. They uuh… they really are… uhm cute!” He stuttered.

I had a feeling I already knew what he was trying to say, but I wanted to actually hear them for myself. 

“They look amazing on you… they really… turn …me on…”

I smiled, intrigued at Mawuli at a loss for words. Rare times.

After dinner, he asked if I wanted to stay the night at the resort.

“I’m happy to stay only if we split the cost of the room.”

He wasn’t having it. “You can pay for our next date. But I want this one. I want to be responsible for this one.”

I couldn’t fight that. I’d definitely plan something and make it worth his while. 

He got us a suite for the weekend. He went to get our bags from the car and ordered wine. We sat in the living room couch, talking and drinking. I couldn’t remember ever enjoying someone’s company this much – just sitting and talking.  My past relationships were both very… rigid. At the time, I didn’t exactly think so, but looking at what I had with Mawuli, the laughter and easy talking and teasing, and the ability to switch right from a tongue duel to talking about anything, it was obvious that I had never really had anything this good in the past. 

We half-sat half-lay in the couch, with his right hand in direct contact with my lower back. Occasionally, he would rub my back, and brush his palms against my beads.

My body was responding to his touch in such a remarkable manner, and I was having such a tough time keeping all the sensations under wraps. 

“I’m in love with you.” He said, completely out of the blue. 

“I hope it’s obvious… or that you’ve at least guessed it.”

“And you turn me on. Push my passions, make me wonder where my restraints went.”

At this point, I was physically ready to jump the man! 

He stopped talking, then just looked at me, saying nothing for so long. 

“What’s the most amazing sexual experience you’ve ever had?”

I shocked even myself with that question. But I needed something to break that stare, because he already had me like putty in his hands!

“Why do you even assume that I’m sexually experienced?” 

“I don’t. I just assume that you’ve at least had some experience. Plus, you can’t kiss like a pro with zero experience.” 

“Well… there was lady in Uni. Much older than me, a really quiet, calm person in general, buuuuutt when we got in bed… she knew exactly what to do! She was how I found out that I didn’t have to do it all work when it came to sex haha… She was skilled!”

“We drifted apart with time, but she was always that experience I’d never forget.”

“What about you?”

“Honestly, all the sex I’ve had has been pretty okay. Only one I can say stood out was this one time when my ex gave me a really sensual massage. I didn’t expect that a massage could affect me in that way.” 

“Do you want one of those massages?” He asked, pulling me closer to his chest.

I only laughed. He turned me around and asked to kiss me. My answer was my lips on his! 

After making out for almost forever in the couch, we made our way into the bed a little after midnight, we made out some more, and then he staggered slowly out of the bed, his tumescence terribly obvious through his trousers.

“Esaaba… I really … don’t want to rush you into anything.” He looked pained. 

And I was trying to not look as disappointed as I felt. He walked out into the living room, as if he was running away! I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, hoping it would somehow help relieve the fire burning inside me. It didn’t help. 

I took a cold shower after him, hoping that would help also. Yet all that I could think of, was his lips on my neck, and his hands down my back. 

And when at 2:00am, I was still awake in the bed, I sent him a text. 

I’m having such a hard time falling asleep! You basically turned me on and left me cold turkey. Also why do you even think you were rushing me? Might be easier to fall asleep with you in the bed with me… Although sleep isn’t exactly what I have in mind right now.

I waited five minutes after sending the message, to head to the living room to go wake him up. It made no sense that he’d paid for the room and was sleeping on the couch.

Had I given off vibes that said I didn’t want this? Was he feeling guilty about something else? Did I do something? 

My crazy overthinking brain was going overboard. 

Just as I was getting out of the bed, he walked back into the room. 

He only had on a pair of shorts, and it made me want him even more!

“Hey.” He semi-whispered from the door…

My heart leapt! I clearly wasn’t the only one trying hard to fall asleep. 

“I’m sorry… I just…I got very carried away!”

I didn’t know what to say… what if I wanted him carried away?

“Mawuli, is there something going on?”

He walked to the bed, sat quietly next to me, and started talking.

“It scares me how you make me lose control. I want you… but I don’t want to do anything that would push you away.”

“I had this girl once… I thought we were a good fit. She was great, and although she was quite dramatic, she wasn’t a difficult person to be in a relationship with. But then we made love one night, and I woke up to her in tears, accusing me of rushing her! I knew I had consent. Both verbal and physical. But apparently somewhere along the line, she didn’t want it anymore, and didn’t say. And I had no idea. But maybe I should have asked? I don’t know…. That experience haunts me. Makes me question myself. Taught me to learn to really control myself with any woman. After that, I’ve prided myself in being able to hold out, always careful about my temperance.  But it gets difficult with you. I want to do things to you – but I get scared that you would try to stop me and I wouldn’t pay attention. I would never want to do anything to hurt you.”

My jaw literally dropped! It all finally made sense. 

I wrapped my hands around his waist and planted multiple kisses on his bare back.

“I want you to do things to me, Mawuli. I want to be with you. I don’t think I’ll change my mind just yet. But if I do, I will let you know explicitly. I will tell you very clearly. But right now, I really want you!”

Dear diary,

Mawuli was made for me. I know this. Because how can it feel soo good just being with him? How can the way he looks at me cause me to feel things in places that have been devoid of feeling for so long?! Just hanging out with him makes me feel some type of way… and no I’m not a swoony type of girl!

Our date was great, and the weekend together was beyond this world!

But how can the sex make me question all my past experiences? Oh, and the things he can do with his tongue!!

I can’t believe the weekend I just had! It was beautiful in all the right ways. And although it was supposed to only be a date, I can very well say this has been one of the most amazing weekends of my life!

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  1. Indeed….. It was an amazing night my dear… Mawuli you do all!!!We are need ome Mawuli’s at a point in time….. Really african romance😂😂😂😂

  2. My praise goes to Mawuli for holding out. It is not easy to control yourself when an all access is just teasing you and even the green light koraa is given. Great read Elise and oh yeah again, please let’s try and get that diary ooo. It is holding too many secrets 😉😉

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