So this is a post from a new friend. Althoug she prefers to keep herself anonymous. It’s a post that got me thinking about many things, and I hope you like it 😀
Don’t say you miss me, my heart gets confused.
Don’t call me late at night, keep me talking for hours on end.
Don’t make me reminisce, I don’t want to remember how good it was…

Don’t say you saw me, and I made you miss a step.
Don’t call me by that nickname, the one only you used to call me.
Don’t say you miss my lips, that you wish they were still yours to kiss.
Don’t keep me up, arguing names for children yet unborn.

Don’t pretend you still want me, when it’s only an itch you seek to scratch.
Don’t break down my walls, weaken my defenses, and then walk away.
Don’t have me believing in our future…..

when you know that for you, it will always, be her.

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