My name is Mandy
My story isn’t dramatic….
I’m not from an overly poor family, neither did I have to struggle my way through life….
I was born, bred, and brought up in a beautiful home…
Loved by my parents, and doted on by my brothers.
I never really was the kind to roam…
Bright baby sister, mummy’s little girl, and of course, a joy to my father…
Church on Sundays, I was the star there too…
I read my bible, loved to do it actually… I learnt my verses, and as much as I could, I memorised them…
Frankly, I don’t know when the tables turned…
I think it was somewhere in Uni..
My courses got harder and harder, my prayers got fewer and fewer…
My friends got more and more, the partying started getting out of hand
My clothes gradually climbed up my knees, and before I knew it, they were up my thighs.
It wasn’t overnight. It took four years.
Back then, I thought I’d save myself for the man God had in mind for me. I planned to….
Today, I stand here, no longer a virgin… And I can’t call it an accident, cos it hasn’t been just once!
You never just backslide, you always start at a point.
I started when I stopped reading the bible… Then I got worse, I even stopped praying.
Then I started sinning, and then I got guilty… I couldn’t even go to church.
I wish I could go back, to the time when everyone looked up to me…respected me.
These days, I’m just like everyone else…
I wish I could go back in time, and fix things…
I wish I could lock myself up and pray to God, to fix all this…
But I can’t.
Even if He takes me back, how do I get all this out of my system??
It never starts suddenly…. It’s always slow…
So be careful you don’t fall in the trap… Little compromises here and there…. They always get bigger and bigger….
Those long kisses will surely move on to touching… And we all know where that could land you….
That lie is gonna get bigger and bigger, and someday, you’ll be so used to lying, the truth will be hard.
My name is Mandy, and my story is really not dramatic…
It was gradual….
It was so so slow…..
So watch your story while it’s still unfolding…. Or you may miss it when things get out of hand!
With Regrets…
**With broken heart and contrite sigh,
A trembling sinner Lord I cry….
Thy pardoning Grace so rich so free,
Oh Lord, be merciful to me**

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