I got home from school, mad at everything.
I got told off… because… Well, because of nothing.
I walked to your door, hoping you’d say something.
Where were you?

I woke up real early on Saturday, hoping we could spend some time together.
I did my chores, all there was to do, then prayed to God we’d have good weather.
I run to your room – an empty bed…..
Where were you?

And then on Sunday, I thought, maybe after church…
But you dropped me at home, and drove off on ‘research’
I cried that night, and wondered aloud
Where were you?

There was this holiday…. I was so hopeful… Even an hour would have been fine…
But you had an event… ‘I have to be there for that friend of mine!!’
I had nothing to say… Just quietly wondered…

Where were you?

This Wedding today, that funeral tomorrow….
You never were there, to share in my sorrow.
Yesterday was work. Tomorrow I’m not certain
Didn’t you see how much I was hurting?
Now you say my life’s astray.
Why should you care, when you were always away…
Honestly….. Where were you?
Where were you?

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  1. It’s intriguing… she went from wanting him there all the time to becoming used to not having him around but still wanting him around here and there at least. Then it’s as though she transforms as a result and has a careless attitude, that seems incomprehensible on the surface.
    It’s awesome!

  2. It is so true dear! Making time for your partner or someone that needs an ear is mostly ignored,which is very very painful. One thing i believe is that we should keep on pressing and one day we shall achieve our goal

  3. Hmmm. Nice build-up, deep and touching on a very serious issue. I wish some parents could read this.
    Great work!

  4. Most of the time they wish they could always be there oo. All we hav to do when we find ourselves in this situation is to keep praying for them. It works trust me

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