It’s been an interesting journey with you… The memories are endless….
Yet there are so many things I’d like to tell you….
Most, I’d rather keep in my heart.
Over there there’s a store of things I wish you’d do and not do. Over there, you’re really my knight in shining armour….
It’s probably impossible for that world to become a reality…
But hey, A girl can only dream.
In the recesses of my heart, you open doors for me, and hold my hand…
You wait up for me when we’re walking and my short limbs can’t keep up with your long strides.
In this surreal world, you don’t tell your parents I’m just that girl from five blocks away. You actually sit them down and explain to them, that I’m the woman you love…
I’m hardly bothered when you do most of your things… I don’t mind when you stay out late with the boys, or when once in a while, you forget we had a date… But deep down, in the place where you’re my real life Prince Charming, you can’t wait to spend time with me… You tell the boys that your woman comes first. You don’t make promises and forget them… You don’t forget to call me back… You don’t find the little things unnecessary…… The little things…..
This may all sound absurd,
But hey, a woman has the right to dream….
In this wonderland of mine, you don’t get moody on a date, just because I kept you waiting…
And you don’t rush me…. You understand that it’s a ‘girl-thing’
You don’t get mad because I made a random decision… You don’t insist that I have to do it your way…. You actually support my decision….
And even when it doesn’t go right, You don’t say ‘I told you so’; you hold me and say, ‘we’ll make the most of this’
In this place, when you hold me, I know that I’m going to be held gently, I’m going to feel secure, and I’ll know that no matter what happens nothing can affect me once I’m in your arms….
I know it sounds stupid, but sweetheart….
A girl can only dream.
Here in this heart, you don’t get suspicious because the guy at the office was checking me out, or because I hang with the guys…..
Sometimes I want this world in my heart so bad! But usually I’m just content….
I know you try….
And I know you can’t…..
No matter how much effort you put in,
There’ll always be that world in my heart, where things are amazingly perfect….
Where my dreams merge with reality…
In that world….. Things are different. In that world, love is unconditional, it’s strong!
In that world, I don’t even need to dream!
In that world…. That world in my heart…

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  1. This is quite deep and eye opening espescially if u r a guy reading this. Makes you think back and actually wish that you e had at least tried to make that girls dreams come true cos honestly it doesnt hav to stay a dream. Really nice piece.

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