You never liked to dance…
You probably still don’t.
You weren’t big on music,
But I think that’s better now.
It was beautiful… So much magic, so much laughter. My hands around your neck, yours around my waist.
I don’t know what to call that dance; we danced it anyway.
Two steps to the left, one to the right, four forward, three backwards. No rhythm, no sequence. Just love, and happiness, and a lot of spontaneity.
Our very last dance.
It was at Wendy’s wedding. You knew I wanted to dance… I did, so badly. I would have walked on to the dance floor even if the page boy had asked me.
But to my utter astonishment, you asked me to dance.
My calm, reserved,quiet  gentleman of a man, who never challenged the status quo.
Everyone knew you had two left feet… Feet that could move to no rhythm whatsoever.
The feet that danced away all my anxiety.
The floor wasn’t that crowded. So we got the stares. Yet we still danced. You danced me straight to elation that night.
Those legs!
I know you remember the dance really well. I know you keep beating yourself…
Even if we’d had more, there would still have been a last dance.
Today, they hang immovable and shrunken. The have no function. But they gave me that last dance.
The music was good. The laughter was fun! The movements were crazy, the dance was great.
I don’t care that they lost their function, and may soon lose their structure. I only care that our last dance, will remain in my heart a thousand years to come.
I know also that I can still sit in your laps even in that wheelchair, and relive that last dance.
Our very own dance…
… Two steps to the left, one to the right, four forward, three backwards. No rhythm, no sequence….
Just like our life… No rhythm, no sequence… No assurances…
Dwindled or not, I love those legs. They gave me a beautiful last dance.

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  1. Wow…… you actually had me doing the dance..two steps to the left, one to the right. Now am sure more than ever that i need to work on my dancing. This is a very captivating piece. I love the way you climaxed, you got me spellbound there for a moment. I think i almost dropped a tear… You have so much potential in you, i love your style and i love the creativity. Just like our life.. no rhythm, no sequence.. no assurances.. that is one message ill never forget.
    Kudos.. Keep the fire within you burning.. cos it is shining a light onto the paths of some people.

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