I miss you Jessica …
You didn’t see much of the world…
Barely two years, and you were gone.
You were like a breeze of fresh air to me. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Your eyes… So big and round…. Almost like your dads… Your tiny nose…. Mirror image of mine…. I miss your pretty smile, my darling girl… It lit up my world… Many many times.
Guess what? Last night Daddy fell asleep in your room… He held your pink dress, the one with the frilly ends…
He misses you so much!
He’s been so strong for so long. For me and him. That’s your daddy…
The man who saw you before anyone else did. I wish you’d seen the look on his face when he first held you.
Daddy loves you! And Daddy misses you.
We still don’t understand why you had to go. But we know Jesus is holding you better than we ever could…
I miss you, my darling girl. I miss your attempts at doing my hair, I miss your contagious laughter. I miss your quiet snores….
I miss your own A-B-C song, that always left out the ‘L’
Remember the last time we went swimming?
You were determined to win our little race. We were both so exhausted that evening, Daddy had to put us both straight to bed.
My baby girl…. I miss you.
Sometimes, I wake up with a start at night, and I hear your sharp cry when you’re having a bad dream…. I run to your room, and I realise its all in my head.
I had so much planned for your 2nd birthday…. But you weren’t here.
Sometimes, I can’t take it. My baby girl…
You don’t have any sisters or brothers yet. The doctor says you probably won’t. But Jesus says you probably will. So I’m waiting for them….
They’ll see all your photos, and hear a thousand and one things about you.
Daddy’s little pet,
Mummy’s Angel.
Grandma’s heart,
Grandpa’s joy.
Cudjoe’s best girl……
Aunty Esi’s laughing buddy
We miss you so much darling girl. 
I miss you. So so much!

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  1. Hi…. Its me again. I couldnt help but read on the next post especially cos i love babies, and once again you really poked my emotional balloons. lol.. This piece emphasizes how much of a blessing babies are, no matter how young. They leave everyone smiling, they look so innocent, so pure, they remind us that there is hope. I take this opportunity to pray for all mothers who have lost their babies, especially those who died from illness, whiles their mothers watched on helplessly. Ive always said that am gonna become a pediatrician, not because there is money in it( quite frankly there isnt any), but just so i can see those babies smile. That more remuneration than anything you can think of. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful piece.
    Keep up the good work

    1. Elise I thank God for your life! God bless you!
      I pray for all those who have lost loved ones especially children. God comfort you and rreplace your sorrow with Joy for only He knows best! Amen!

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