I want to turn 11 this year….
Never mind that I’m actually supposed to be turning 21…
I’m praying hard that somehow, I’ll turn 11 instead
Everyone thinks it’s stupid – I don’t dispute that….
But hey, at eleven, stupid was cool!
I want to go back to the days when my largest worry was a five sentence homework, if my ‘corn rows’ looked nice enough for school/church, or if I would be invited to that friends party!
Those days when heartbreak was if the food you loved the most got finished at the cafeteria before you got there…
or if you didn’t play the game right and got that hard painful knock from ‘Zanzama’
Or Perhaps when you were forced to go to bed at 9pm, the exact time your favourite show starts!
I miss the days when I had no care in the world….the only pain I knew was the occasional spanking from my mum when I did something silly.
The joy at each dinner was overwhelming, and laughter came so easy!
I didn’t have to live up to anyone’s standards, and I certainly didn’t care much what anyone thought.
I miss being the crazy tomboy that joined the guys in farting and burping competitions and silly games that ended in sprained ankles and scraped knees!
Boys were just play mates and mere crushes… Nothing complicated…
When I was eleven, a ‘secret’ was something everyone knew, but didn’t talk about…. Everyone said what they wanted, who cared… We’d fight hard, and eventually laugh about them!
I miss being 11….
Bouncing castles were the ‘in’ thing, and make up was usually fancy face painting!
No hard decisions, little responsibility….
Christmas was some craazy fun, and we always expected presents under the tree… At least I did….
I know turning 11 at this point is impossible…
But I’m glad the child within me still lives…
And even in this ‘hard adult life’, I can look back and relive the joys of childhood…
I want to turn 11 again…and even though I know its not possible, Today, I’m gonna relive all those joys….
I’m gonna be 11 again today!

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