So this is my first nomination in the ‘blog – world’ lol, Thanks a lot Joseyphina for the nomination. 😀 Feels nice! I’m honoured.

ps. If you’ve never read any of her stuff, please do Joseyphina’s World… She’s amazing, and she keeps me in constant suspense!!

My nominations:

  1. Maukeni Padiki Kodjo of Kenikodjo
  2.  Abena K of thoughtsofabekar
  3. Amoafoa of Amoafoa
  4. Karen of Okundayors Thoughts
  5. Ewurabena Hagan of Bitter Honey
  6. Rowie of Talkshop With Rowie

I’m truly inspired by all your writings to become more, to do better, and write better!

The rules of the Award are as follows:
• Put the Award logo on your blog;
• Thank the person who nominated you, linking back to his/her site;
• Answer 10 questions the person asked you;
• Nominate 10 blogs and notify them;
• Write 10 new questions for them.

So these are my answers :p

 1) Book or adapted movie?

Booook!!! That’s not even an allowed question, lol!

2)Movie or TV series?

Movie… the suspense involved in TV series doesn’t work for me… I might get a heart attack waiting for the next episode!

3) TV or radio?

Uuuhm….. can I say neither?
4) Time with friends or alone time?

Both! While I live for the time I spend with my friends,  I also enjoy spending quality time on my own…:D
5) Solo artiste or band?

6) Watch movie alone or with family/friends?

Alone…. they tend to make me feel funny for tearing up or just plain sobbing when something sad happens lol Unless i’m watching with….. 😉
7) Stage play or music concert?

Stage Play!
8) Which would you find more tolerable: hater or sycophant?

Eerm…. Hater.
9) Paper magazines or online?

Paper Magazines – call me old fashioned :p
10) Talkative or listener?

Depends on who you are lol… I can be good at both 😉

And now my questions to my dear nominees :

  1. Tea or Coffee?
  2. Favourite Author?
  3. Favourite Book?
  4. Favourite song?
  5. A time in your life you’d kill for to go back to?
  6. Share a life – changing moment for you.
  7. Novels – Hard copy or soft copy?
  8. Food – Sweet or Sour?
  9. If you could decide a law to be passed on earth, what would it be?
  10. Finally: Something Random…. anything, really!

Let’s make this fun guys!! And thanks again Joseyphina ;D

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