Dear Annie,
You and I have gotten pretty close in the past couple of months, and I felt I need to write you this letter. You’re on your way to becoming the second sister I never had, and I’m really glad you and Ekow are getting along so much.
I know that you two have been going on and at it for a while now. You know already that we’re best friends, and I think there are a few things I need to tell you. They may seem a bit trivial, but they’re very important to me. You probably already know that Ekow isn’t like any other guy. He’s decent, and he’s loyal. He may be crazy and tall and intimidating to look at, but you already know how much of a softie he is. Ekow is amazing. That’s why I need you to hold on to him really really hard. I don’t want you to be the reason why he’ll write off women. Helen almost succeeded in doing that, but thank goodness for an intervention!
You seem like a really cool girl, and I like you. I want you to understand that I’m not a threat to your relationship in any way! I have never, and will never harbour any such ‘romantic’ feelings for Ekow. He’s my go to guy, and the best ‘big brother’ any girl could ask for. I know things will be different after the wedding. But know that I’ll always come through for him, no matter what. He’ll definitely put you first, but he’s my buddy, and I hope you won’t try to take that away from me.
Daniel and I dated three years, and have been engaged for about seven months (I know, I know… it’s been too long!). I know that you find it weird that Ekow could stay at my end for weekends without Daniel complaining. He’s been with me over three years, and he knows Ekow and I. He was jealous for a while, which of course is to be expected, but he got used to it. He knows that there’s no way in hell Ekow and I would even think about hooking up. If it would have happened, primary school would have been the place, and thank God he looked too damn hideous then. Lol
I like that you’re a fun person, nothing like Helen. She took the sunshine out of Ekow, but I see that it’s returning. Thanks for bringing him back.
Ekow has fallen for you, and he’s not the kind of guy to hide it. DO NOT take it for granted!! He will carry you in public, and he will kiss you in the cinema. He will open doors for you, and hold your hands when you guys go places – and I’m not talking about the first few months/years of the relationship – I’m talking forever. So brace yourself for an amazing rest of your life, if you do decide to say yes to him.
You’ll be present at almost every church programme during the week. I hope that doesn’t bother you, because it’s really important to him. He loves the Monday night youth service just as much as the Friday night all night services, even the once in a while Saturday afternoon bible studies (no, they’re not all that boring!)
One other thing is that Ekow hates lies. He cannot stand being lied to. As we all know, lying = cheating. His hatred for lies is on another level though. You can’t even tell the usual little white lies. Lol. Because he seems to have some weird gift that tells him when people tell lies. It makes it really difficult planning surprises for him, but that’s something I’ll have to coach you in. I’m glad you make him happy. I’m glad you don’t feel threatened by his craziness, (or by me) and I’m glad you’re crazy yourself.
Ekow will not have sex with you. He’ll give you all the reasons why he believes that if you can keep your relationship without sex till marriage, God will make something good of your lives. Believe it or not, Ekow will not so much as hint to you that he’s a red blooded male in that regard. If the situation starts to get too sizzling for him, he’ll simply leave and apologise later.
He’s a man of his word, and he’ll move heaven and earth to get you what you need, and as much as he can, what you want. He likes to be pampered, yet he resists it. I don’t know if it’s deliberate pretence or if he thinks that if you pamper him despite his resistance then you love him. Just pamper him as much as you can.
The last thing is about Henry. I know that Ekow chooses friends based on their reaction to and treatment of his baby brother. I know you and henry get along (or he’d never have asked you out). He’s as possessive over henry as their mum is over the two of them. With time, you’ll keep hearing him say ‘it’s just us three against the world’ Henry may have special needs, and he may be really annoying, but he’s just like his big brother . He’s awesome if you get to know him, and he’ll ruin many of your dates, but Ekow will always make it up to you. He’ll drool over your favourite shirt, and he’ll ruin a few of your handbags. But trust me, he’s an amazing kid! Get to know him, take him to play at the park, watch the same old cartoons with him, you’ll love him with time (if you don’t already). I think mum already likes you, she mentioned you once while I was there, and I’m sure that Ekow told you that doesn’t happen often – actually it never does.
So this is to let you know that I’m glad that you and Ekow are together, and I hope you catch the flowers at my wedding, because it’s about time!! 😉
ps. I’d love it if you would join my bridesmaids for the wedding?

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  1. Awwww I like the personality of Ekow,he is a kinda guy every lady will love to have. But to be honest he is not easy to come by…so ladies, you want to hold on to him when he comes your way. I have realised that most ladies have that one guy they will love to share their secrets with,in most cases there are no strings attached,so guys must learn not to be overly jealous lol may be adopt the “trust but verify” nature…..Excellent piece as always Elise!

  2. Amazing piece Elise, did you ever meet Shakespeare or Dickens. Very touching and real.
    It just gets better.

  3. I’m so freaking jealous of Ekow right now. This is true friendship and I want someone to do same for me one dat, at least I can take compensation from knowing my name was mentioned.
    Elsie next time just let us know from the start it was an invitation to her wedding than sending us through Togo to get to Kumasi

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