I rushed towards the building….
Couldn’t feel my legs…
Couldn’t feel my arms… 
I couldn’t feel anything!

Why would he do something like that?

I almost choked in my hurry…
I had to remember to breathe
One, Two, Three….breathe….
One, Two, Three….

What if ……

I had to stop thinking of all the possible outcomes….
Everything would be fine! 
This was just a speculation..
I felt droplets of water on my arms
…. Rain?

Now I knew I had to stop….. 
But it could be too late….
No! I had to calm down! 

I stopped myself….
One, Two, Three….breathe….
My heart wasn’t paying any attention to the fact that I was trying to calm down
It felt like an explosion was going on inside me!

Things were normal this morning! 
Why would he go and do this? 
Last night was beyond this world… 
Tony….. My Tony!!
‘God save my Tony!’ 
We were gonna have a baby… 
Our very own Tony Jnr.
And I hadn’t even told him yet!

Oh Lord, save my Tony….

At this point, all I could see was my tears…
My instincts led me to the warehouse….
His warehouse…
Our place…. 
We’d made love there a couple of times…
We’d shared picnics there…. 


My scream filled the air the minute I saw him!
My Tony….
A gun in his left hand, 
Blood oozing from his chest,
His lifeless body sprawled supine!
Bloodshot eyes still staring into space 
And sweat dripping down his neck…..
he held a long note in his right hand…. Probably his last letter…
The tears had blinded me totally,
I couldn’t see past the first line :

“Nicole my love, Life  has many choices, eternity has just two….. “

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  1. “…hmmm… so sad.. why did he have to do that??
    I wish she cleared her tears so she could read further so I’d know why Tony did that. i pray he desired a better choice in eternity when he had to do that. or… was it a different person that did that????”
    Great work Elise! You are in a different dimension now. You are blessed!

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