I watched you get out of his car…. 2:45am
This was the fifth time in a month….
Four different cars…. I don’t know how many different ‘hes’…..

What happened to you Asabea?
What happened to us?

We had a good thing. A really good thing!
Suddenly you wanted more

“You know I don’t have more now, but let’s give it a few years…. “
Time and again, I told you this…
But I guess you wanted more straightaway.

When I told you I loved you, I meant it.

I know that you wish I had as much money as Ebow, Tracey and your other friends, but you know where I’m from. You know what it’s like….
I don’t have a car, and probably wont for a couple of years… But one day I’ll get there.
You know how much I try…. I get you flowers sometimes…
I spend as much time with you as you want…
We go places together, we even went dancing the last time…
And I’ve never in all the 2 years we’ve been together tried to force any sexual favours out of you…

Trust me…. That’s not easy! Especially because you have the most beautiful body any man could ask for….

Yet it seems nothing’s really enough….
I’m just not like them right?
High class, money squandering, shopping spree kind of guys

True, I can never be like them! Not even if I won a million dollar lottery….
But I’m asking you to choose me…
Because I love you.
I love you in a million ways that none of them ever can….
You keep saying that sometimes, love is not enough…. I get that.
But money isn’t enough either!

I’m asking you to pick me because I know that I’m going to try my very best to make you very happy….
So happy that you’ll look back and wonder why you wanted to walk away….

Choose me…


Choose me….

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