March 2020! Just three months into the year and somehow we wish we could start it all over! We pray for much better times ahead!

I’ve got a big surprise! As I mentioned, this will be the final online part of Perspectives.

I’m happy to announce that Perspectives is getting published into a book in a few months! I’m grateful for all the support and the love and the feedback (also for all the threats and the 2am discussions – I really love you guys!) Let’s anticipate the book! Let’s share Perspectives with the world!

Aaand If you’re a little late to the party, or a little behind, you can find the other parts right here:

Perspectives IIIIII , IVV , VIVIIVIII & IX



Sometimes, God’s answers are a firmly shut door.

The funeral was very solemn. He was a well-known, well-loved man.

There was none of the usual celebrations that people were used to at funerals or wakes. The atmosphere was grave… literally.

Sarah was inconsolable. It was as if she’d finally realised what could have been.

Perspectives has been published into a book, and you can find it here:


Comments (15)

  1. Yaa Tirza!!! 😢😊☺️😤😭
    You got me in all sorts of emotions
    You are a unique writer!!!!
    You need to wake me up from my deep slumber to write again
    Keep it up Lizzy

  2. You didn’t just end at “ Bruma smiled at her. Nadia gasped.”
    You must be joking. Continue it la. What I am expecting hasn’t come of Tizard please hanty

  3. Nadia should carve Sarah’s voicebox out. Graphic much 😅
    You still left us in suspense at the end Elise👏🏾👏🏾 Well done! Well what…. weellll doneee! 🙄
    Great writing mama. Can’t wait to support the book!

  4. Awww. This is mmuah… A sequel is needed. That Sarah lady must be dealt with and Yaa must marry Adeola

  5. Given the introspection Sarah had during Brumah’s coma and her resolve to do better at loving him now that he is conscious, I see nothing but a crunching competition between her and Nadia brewing.
    Great work Elise!
    I told you I will do the binge reading; well I just did!

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